Top 10 TenPoint Crossbows In 2014

No. 1  TenPoint Venom

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Employing an intelligent and functional blend of both new and existing TenPoint technology, the Venom crossbow takes our game-changing carbon barrel design to the next level.

Stunningly compact and lightweight, this high-performance crossbow is the perfect fit for the most demanding hunter.

Inspired by TenPoint’s Vapor and Stealth SS models, the Venom stock assembly features are popular Functionally Superior Bullpup stock and a shorter, 19.98-inch version of its super liked patented woven carbon fiber barrel.

The barrel is fitted with a 4-inch Bullpup version of TenPoint patented 3.5-pound PowerTouch Trigger.

The barrel and trigger assembly is embedded in the stock using rubber insert and dual purpose rubber safety wings, to reduce noise and vibration while keeping the shooter foregrip hand safely below the flight deck.

In addition, the butt stock features strategically placed cut-outs to reduce weight and improve balance.

The supercharged bow assembly features TenPoint’s popular XLT riser. Equipped with 11-inch IsoTaper Limbs, powered by the company’s Hybrid Eccentric 2(HE 2) Cams optimized for this design, and DynaFLIGHT 97 String and Cables.

Measuring a very compact 34.7-inch long, the venom shoots up to a vicious 372 feet per second with our Pro Lite Arrow.

The crossbow comes standard with TenPoint RangeManster Pro Scope, and either with TenPoint’s patented automatic cocking units – the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50.

Like all TenPoint crossbows, the Venom comes with its patented 3.5-pound PowerTouch Trigger, and Ambidextrous Safety and our patented Dry-Fire-Inhibitor.

These components provide you with the safest, most dependable and most accurate trigger assembly available in our industry.

The Venom is sold as a package which includes the scope, cocking mechanism, quiver, arrows, and Bowjax Noise Dampening kit. It’s preset at the factory and ready to take you hunting.

Where to order the TenPoint Venom online?

>> If you prefer ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism, CLICK HERE TO ORDER <<

>> If you prefer ACUdraw  cocking mechanism, CLICK HERE TO ORDER <<

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