Picking Up Your Best Crossbow In 2015 That Don’t Break The Bank

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ONLY best crossbows like these included

Howdy, thanks for checking out our site, this is our major guide of crossbow: from zero to get the hang of it.

Basically, this guide will tell you:

1) the basic principles of choosing the best crossbow for the money, besides “Our Top 10 Picks In 2014

2) the benefit-based reviews of crossbows we think worth our attentions(note: we’ll not bother mentioning the less-quality bows like other sites),

and 3) show you each crossbow in action.

First thing first.

Your crossbow journey starts with picking up the right crossbow that suits you the most.

But, if you don’t want to buy a crossbow that breaks the bank, then you must set a budget.

When choosing, you can’t compare a crossbow worth $1,000 with one worth $100, right? Because that’s silly. So, for the price range of $1,000+, $900-1000$, $800-$900, $700-$800, $600-$700, $500-$600, $400-$500, $300-$400, $200-300, and $100-$200, we’ve detailed the specifications of each bow in a chart.

Rest assured. We don’t represent any brand or retailer, and we’re also not going to stuff here. Let’s say must include 10 for each price range, because we’ll ONLY include the best quality ones in that range. If there are 12, we’ll list 12; if only 2, we’re not going to include 3. So, you can be assured and jump right into each chart by clicking the links above.

With that being said, on this page, we’ll list the top 10 crossbows which are released in 2014 (not 2013, not 2012, only in 2014), by going through which you’ll get to know the trend of the whole industry(Note: it is very important if you want to invest a crossbow for long term); and on next page, you will read the info about each crossbow specification, which you will find extremely useful if you’re new in town.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the journey:

Our Current Top 10 Recommended Crossbows for 2014

1. TenPoint Venom Crossbow Package

tenpoint venom crossbow packageThis new Venom here is the latest offering from TenPoint on the high end things.

It’s only 6.5 pounds, shoots an arrow at up to 372 feet per second, narrow XLT type front end and it cocks down to axle-to-axle 13.5 inches.

It’s very short, only 34.6 inches long.

Comes with TenPoint’s best RangeMaster Pro Scope, and six-pack of Pro Elite carbon fiber arrows.

You can buy it with either the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking system. This bow retails for $1599 with an ACUdraw 50 and 1699 with ACUdraw (a little more if you order the whole package)

For the high-end guys who are looking to buy one of the best crossbows out there, this is the bow for them. Besides, TenPoint will have you backed by the best customer service there. And it might be sound subjective, but if you’re the raving fan like me and many others, this crossbow is the best of the best. Period, hands down. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

2. TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite

tenpoint shadow ultra lite crossbow packageThis Shadow Ultra-Lite is the lightest crossbow ever made from TenPoint.

It’s only 6.4 pounds.

It is very short, 34.4 inches long.

Very narrow, 13.5 inches Axle-to-Axle when cocked.

It shoots arrows at up to 350 feet per second.

The main way the company was able to shed so much weight is they have a carbon-injected polymer barrel and trigger.

Both of these are new and both of these are weight shedding.

Basically, TenPoint just responded to a demand in the identified market that is a light crossbow that fast, narrow and short, and that’s what this crossbow answers for all those questions. For that speed, it’s very powerful for anybody.

And with the light design and maneuverability, there is people maybe have wife or children with them when out hunting, this bow is gonna perfect for that situation. You can hunt with the bow because you’re main hunter of your family, but you can also have anybody of your family to hunt with this bow.

This crossbow can be purchased with TenPoint’s new ACUdraw 50 and that’s $999. Or, with ACUdraw, it’s $1099. Both include the scope, three arrows and a quitter.

So with that price, you will get TenPoint reliability, TenPoint quality, and the amazing kind of speed, it’s pretty good value, and a lot of people are gonna interested in this bow this year. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

3. Barnett RAZR

Barnett RAZRBarnett provides plenty of models with reasonable price in last few years.

But, it was criticized for its quality when compared to TenPoint, Excalibur and other major brands.

But at this time, by releasing brand new RAZR and other revised models, this company hopes to change that image.

With that being said, we still believe that RAZR is the ONLY model we’d like to put in this top 10 list.

(Yes, we’re very picky here.)

If you want to learn more about other bows from Barnett, we suggest you check out our interactive chart here.

So, like Shadow Ultra-Lite, this is the Barnett’s answer to a short, more compact and versatile crossbow. We’re talking about a lightweight crossbow with the carbon front and titanium back.

They’re utilizing carbon and titanium, making it a lightweight bow. Also, with the reverse cams, you’re picking up an additional actually 3 to 4 inches with power stroke energy on the shot.

So this bow this year, I’m pretty excited about, I think Barnett have truly lighten it up and made the bow a lot smaller and more comfortable up in the tree.

It also has an anti-dry fire triggering system to be sure to keep you safe from a possible action while you’re up in the tree. Also, probably one of my favorite features about this brand new crossbow is its light, crisp trigger. All of us know that the trigger plays such a crucial role in that squeeze at that moment when you’re about to put a big old buck in the dirt. And this trigger’s 3. 5 pound and it’s as crisp as it can be.

Another unique thing about RAZR is the crank cocking device, which it does not come with it but you can get it as an added feature and it will help bring your tension all the way down to light 16 pounds.

Follow on that, it also comes with a sleek skinner knife down below for when this Barnett RAZR puts that buck down.

So if you’re looking to update your crossbow arsenal this year 2014, you definitely should give Barnett a chance. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

4. Excalibur Matrix Mega 405

Excalibur NEW Matrix 405 MegaMajor (or sad) news: quality Excalibur was bought by not so quality company BOWTECH.

We’re not going to put too much comment on that, just get you noticed with the news.

With that being said, before the merging, the Excalibur was still able to announce 3 great new crossbows for 2014.

And the new Matrix Mega 405 could be the major breakthrough in the company’s history, so to speak.

Mega 405 is built off the very popular Matrix series crossbows. Bone crushing power, high speeds, reliable and deadly accurate just like the rest of the Matrixes.

It comes with Excalibur’s Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire, R.E.D.S. (Recoil Energy Dissipation System) string suppressors, Twilight DLX Scope, quiver, arrows, and cocking aid.

So you’re shooting 405 feet per second, but you’ll get the reliability of the recurve crossbow.

This bow can shoot same arrow that other matrix crossbows shoot. So you got the main difference here is the 25 feet per second more compared to Matrix 380, and the best Twilight DLX scope from Excalibur.

For the guys were shooting the matrix and wanted upgrade, this was the scope they want to out hunt with. Very positive, Excalibur listens and responses. You can consider this Mega crossbow a very high premium quality product, because they put the best components on it. And without a doubt, Twilight will give the serious hunter the brightest image even in extreme low light hunting situations.

And with the price of $1299, you can get the premium recurve crossbow package in 2014. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

5. Excalibur Matrix 380 Lynx

Excalibur NEW Matrix 380 LynxFor the past deer hunting season, Matrix 380 was very popular among serious hunters and recurve bow lovers.

They shared their stories online and offline, pros and cons of this particular crossbow.

One of these feedbacks comes from people in Northern area who want a crossbow with camo for snowy hunting condition.

Considering this is quite common for the users in that area but not that common in other places, Excalibur decided to product a limited amount of so called Lynx crossbow, the precise number is unclear, but if you want to something recurve, and more stealth when you in the field, you need to hurry up.

And with new Lynx, the very popular Matrix 380 already has 3 type of camos for you to choose from: Realtree Xtra(unlimited and currently available), Blackout(unlimited and currently available), and Lynx(limited version). Same specs, but different camouflage. From this you can tell that how popular Matrix 380 crossbow is, and how shocked when people first heard that Excalibur was acquired by another company.(Cause still unknown by now) >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

6. Excalibur Matrix 330

Excalibur NEW Matrix 330Matrix 330 is the brand new model of Matrix series.

Excalibur has done some more design, and gotten rid of some of the older style crossbows

They went to this newer limb design, which is like 6 inches shorter from limb tip to limb tip than the older models.

This bow’s gonna retail $777, and replace other crossbows of 330 fps product line.

By changing this limb, it doesn’t have a different draw system to it, but it still shoots very fast. Super easy to cock, because there is not very high stroke in there. And it’s extremely lightweight, and has a great feel and balance to it.

Matrix 330 was field tested at 328.5 fps, so the right on the money. Beside, this does have the adjustable Vari-Zone scope for variable speeds, and comes with string damper, a four-arrow quiver with bracket, and four arrows with 150-grain field points, minus broadheads(they’re separate), but overall, this is a wonderful crossbow within $1000 range you should check out. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

7. Mission MXB 400

Mission MXB 400If you’re speed freak, Mission Crossbows has just released a bow for you, the MXB 400.

The blazing speed and over 400 fps makes this the flagship of their product line, and there’s a lot of innovations built into this bow.

You have a tread riser to it, with rubber bumpers on the end, so it doesn’t have a foot stir-up, so keeps this bow compact.

It’s going to get a 14-inch power stroke that comes from a carbon fiber limbs which are also 200lbs pull, but you have these innovative X-CAMs that gives you that hyper-sonic speed.

To cock the bow is super simple, by using rope cocker you can take about 50 percent the weight off when cocking this bow, but again without the foot stirrup the bow is further away from you. By doing that, you don’t have to stretching cock this bow.

19 inches axle-to-axle, when cocked it’s about 16 inches. Basically, you can see that as a small platform but some incredible speed.

Some of the innovations I like is you have the auto-safety. So when you cock the bow, it automatically engages as the safety, so you know as soon as you take the rope cocker off, you will not endanger yourself at all.

Some the ergonomic features I like, if you look at the forend, it’s beefy and wraps around your hand well, but also has this flange right there, so your thumbs and your fingers can’t come up, and you can’t endanger yourself around the bow string.

So if you’re looking for a fast, quiet bow that is something that you can handle well even in compact situations, the MXB 400 is the bow for you. And with price of $1199, you can have a quality crossbow made in USA. >>> You can ONLY get this crossbow at local archery store.

8. Carbon Express Intercept Series

Carbon Express Intercept SeriesOne of the new product series from Carbon Express is Intercept.

It has two model: Supercoil and Axon.

This is another exciting moment since Carbon Express first introduced the Intercept design last year.

At that time, Intercept was just a single model, now it becomes a entire series.


How did they make that happen you may ask?

Well, at Carbon Express, their motto is producing something makes shooting better.

So all the way from the high end and other crossbows, the users will find something different than those from other companies.

Let’s get into the detail of the two brand new Intercept models a little bit.

Basically, the Intercept series is based on AR platform.

Let’s take Axon for example. First of all, the major difference is it mounted an over-29 inches Picatinny rail right above the barrel. And the best thing is that it’s totally customizable, you can have a lot of accessories mounted on that rail. When Carbon Express talked the reason behind the design, it said user shouldn’t adapt to crossbow, but crossbow should adapt to users. So this means Intercept series is gonna be an ideal crossbow for first-time user who has only used firearms before, let’s say AR-15, or other rifles.

Besides, this crossbow comes with adjustable stock, adjustable forearm positioning, replaceable grip, and quick detached scope. Like mentioned above, this is the ultimate hunting weapon even you never used crossbow before. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

9. Carbon Express Covert CX-3

Carbon Express Covert CX-3Unlike “so called” new models of less important series from other companies, the CX-3 is not just a revised version.

The design and overall performance is significantly improved when compared to the CX-1, CX-2 and SLS people already raving about on the internet.

Although Carbon Express just keeps the same small compact profile, they lightened it up by changing the stock mechanism and reducing some weight away in the forearm area.

Sounds familiar? If you went through the content above about other crossbows from the major companies of crossbow industry, you will be aware that the trend in the future is lighter, more compact, and still with high performance. So if you plan to invest in a crossbow, you should go with the tide, otherwise you will find your new crossbow will be obsolete in no time. After all, who will want something destined to go out of style with the same price?

Let’s back to the topic, this crossbow comes with a customizable forearm in terms of positioning on the Picatinny rail, and it also has the machined aluminum alloy cams and extruded barrel for exceptional durability and precision performance. Almost forget, it could shoot bolts at 355 feet per second and also keep the balance and accuracy. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

10. Parker CenterFire Crossbow Package

Parker CenterFire crossbow packageParker is an American company which produces crossbow ONLY in USA.

A few hunters bought crossbows from Parker like 5 years, no broken limb, no problem with strings.

Beside great quality, this company always come ups with creative ideas of designs, like the real auto-cock Concorde crossbow and StingRay totally for bowfishing.

So you’re avid crossbow hunter like us, you shouldn’t neglect Parker.

This year 2014, Parker adds another new design into its crossbow portfolio, the CenterFire. It shoot 335 feet per second, and has Parker’s proprietary Advanced Split Limb Technology. It also comes with a string suppressors, side mount quiver, four arrows and scope. Like all the Parkers crossbow, CenterFire automatically switch to safety when you cock the bow, and has anti-dry-fire trigger, which means the bow will not go off until the arrow is loaded and you pull the trigger. And if you only trust the crossbow made in USA(not outsourced, substandard product), for price of $699 you own such a crossbow. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

Ask readers

You may say why we didn’t include crossbows from Scorpyd(awesome reverse-limb crossbow there we have to admit), Stryker, Darton, or CAMX, etc, etc. The reason is the top 10 list above is all about the new models which announced in the year of 2014. Yes, a lot great crossbow are still sold right now, but they are either not announced this year or not worthy including in the list. So if you think we’re wrong and we should cover a certain bow, please comment with your thoughts below. And if you want to know more about a single crossbow or two, and want us to share more info about it, again, let us know by leaving a comment below. We’ll appreciate if you put a little time doing so.

And, thanks for your time going through this list. If you want to learn more about other crossbows now available on the market and compare the specs a little bit which we strongly suggest you to do so, then you need to check out our huge interactive comparison chart HERE, and other inspirational/funny videos or images on this site, you can click here and here.

We wish you get educated and have fun at CrossBowBootCamp.com (After phase 1 – Picking up your gears, you should check phase 2 – Backyard practice)


  1. Thanks for your detailed list

    You helped make me assured that I made the right decision about my purchase of a 2014 Ten Pt. Stealth S.S. w/Rangemaster scope.

    I was trying to decide between my Ten Pt. & the Excaliber 405, Barnett 410 Ghost & the Mission 400.

    I am a disabled bowhunter, I started bow hunting in 1974, & now I have to turn to the crossbow.

    I knew who the good bow manf.’s were, but not so much when it came to xbows.

    I did a lot of research before deciding on the Stealth S.S.

    Since I mainly will be hunting brown Bears with it, I wanted a lot of Kinect energy but still have a very good Bow!

    So, Once again I think I did pretty good.

    So – see you guys & your opinions r very respected & needed.

    Joe M.





  3. richard davis says:

    What’s is the main difference between Barnett ghost 410 and 360

  4. Doing things a little backwards.
    I just ordered the TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow then started looking for reviews which are scarce but all of them very positive.Had to give up bow hunting for a few years after being injured in a auto accident but now i am going to get back into hunting the early season here in Michigan.

    Glad i found this site and reviews of these bow’s it reassuring to see my bow at the #2 spot.

  5. I agree with some of your statements, I have had a ten point crossbow and sold it and bought Barnett preditor. The Barnett was cheaper and twice the bow, the ten point was. The ten point was older, yes it was heavier, slower, louder, much less kinetic energey . I will stick with my less than quality to make your list Barnett.

  6. I have had a Barnett ghost 350 for three years and I have shot it a lot and I have never had a problem from it.

  7. After many years of compound bow hunting I never considered a crossbow. I always thought it was like shooting a rifle up close and didn’t take as much skill. Now after completing treatment for cancer and losing 75lbs. of muscle, I can’t draw back my bow and it’s driving me crazy. I’m beginning to understand why there is a market for this kind of bow. I’m considering buying a crossbow now and after reading all the reviews I can find Tenpoint is pretty much in the top 3 bows to buy. But I still have lots of questions about crossbow ability. Like what distance can they shoot? I felt confident with my compound up to 50 yards. Dropped two elk at that distance. Can a crossbow do that?

  8. i have read all the reviews and actually called several archery shops and asked them what they felt was the best quality crossbow, of course got all different answers. Then i asked what crossbows come in for repairs most often. i was shocked , Barnett and Mission came in most often while Carbon Express and Ten point not so often . Parker and Excalibur almost never . So i went to a few shops and tried them, i found that the Parker had the best for me it had the best safety features, it was lighter and it offered the best warranty.

    • I agree Dave, just finished my second year of hunting with the Parker Bushwacker, it’s the entry level for Parker but I’ve filled the freezer the past 2 years with 35 yd shots so don’t see the need to spend more money on something else. If it aint broke, don’t fix up. Happy hunting!

  9. You guys stated only 2014 models. Seems that your minds were already made up about the Bowtech Striker line-up. Since they had there limb problems in the past. The engineers redesigned the entire limb by double laminating them with 2 kinds of glass and completely changing the limb tips. Also it has the best trigger in the industry. With the new cams, 155 lb draw and a 385 grain arrow it achieves 390 + fps on the LS version. Show me another crossbow in any price range that will equal that, without a inverse limb setup. The new Bowtech Solutions are bulletproof, and everyone on the ArcheryTalk forum will back me up on that bold statement.

    • I have a stryker I love everything about it. The trigger is so light and crisp it is always a pleasure to shoot. Speed and accuracy are incredible. Size and weight are great for shooting out of a stand. The limb redesign has been really good on these bows. I shot alot of different xbows before deciding on this one. I really would have liked to seen these added in this list.

  10. A lot of snobs don’t like the Barnett’s because they can be bought at discount retailers. I went out and shot several before buying my Ghost 360. The barnett was smoother and quieter than the Tenpoint. Just because you choose to over pay at the local archery shop doesn’t make it better. The Mission was not ever a consideration for me due to the recall and the trigger/safety problems. But if you go to your local archery shop they will tell you how great it is and charge you a lot of extra $$$ for it. Is it better? No, it’s not safe to shoot.

    • To your statement I bought a Barnett 360.. Their cocking devise is really flimsy. The bow too heavy and was too big. Flipped it to a Shdow Ulta Lite and there is a world of difference. Jeff you need to test one of these and then lets hear your review.

  11. i bought a new 310 matrix for 880 canadian came with everything shooting 40 yards three shots in a shotglass who in the right mind would waist there money on a crossbow with limbs i shot two bear and a deer already this year and split two arrows excalibre makes the best crossbows hands down and nothing ever breaks. j virtue stoney point ontario

  12. I like your list, but the Mission is way underrated here, you also left out one of the main, most important options of the MXB 400, (which I own and love for a Reason!) is the ability to not only change your poundage from 200 down to 125, but you can also change out all your strings and cables in the field with only an allen wrench. I own a Excalibur Ibex, the older better version, not the new Ibex. I love that bow as well, due to the fact of easy maintanence and string change out. The Mission line is the only Crossbows on the market that has adjustable poundage and the ability to replace all cables and strings while in the field. That puts it on top of the list for me, TenPoint makes great bow, but until they become adjustable with in field change outs, they do not belong in the #1 spot. Mission is the only company with a silent crank system, that snaps on or off in 2 seconds. Come on guys, when comparing what you get for your money, it’s not even close, I looked hard at the TenPoint, and as long as you have no issues on a hunt with your cables or strings, your all good, but have one thing go wrong, your all done, could ruin a expensive hunting trip. I do not take chances, thats why I bought a Mission!!

  13. The trigger issue by the way, was a concern of mine with the Mission also, as Jeff mentioned above, but if he did his homework he would have found out that is was more a problem dedicated to idiot operation then anything else, so Mission replaced all safety’s with TOTAL IDIOT PROOF triggers and Safety’s. So, now people can cock their crossbows and play with the triggers all they want!!!….before they disengage the safety and really plan to fire. I am a retired SWAT Officer and truly believe that If IDIOTS did not play with triggers, while pointing weapons in unsafe directions…there would be no so called accidental discharge shootings!! What ever happened to the golden rule, DO NOT PULL THE TRIGGER UNLESS YOU PLAN ON SHOOTING. Even though the Mission is now one of the safest Crossbows I have seen, and again I own several Crossbows…IDIOTS will always find away to injure or kill themselves or someone else and blame the manufacture!! That goes for TenPoint, Barnet, Parker and any other Brand, they all go above and beyond to insure the safety of their products, to bad hunters and shooters don’t do the same with their practices!!!

  14. I hate to say it but with the acquision of Excalibur by Bowtech we may see quality suffer in the form of cost cutting to maximize profits. If you can purchase a Excalibur now, now is the time.

  15. Good information. I’ve been an avid xbow hunter for 25yrs. I’ve owned Horton, Ten Point, Bow Tec and now Scorpyd. As far as quality, customer service, speed and incredible accuracy, nothing has compared to the new Scorpyd Orion. Although rated at 400fps, mine chronographs at 378fps shooting a 428gr bolt (total weight). with an Opimizer mounted on the pic rail, I can consistently shoot 1″ groups at 80 yards. this is the farthest I have shot it so far. And quite honestly, if I were reading this, I would not believe it. Seeing it shoot has made a believer out of me. Jim Kempf will stand by his product and talk with you live on the phone to answer any questions that you may have. Try this with companies like Bow Tec: Good Luck! Shot an impressive 143″ buck on opening day with it @ 42yrds. Buck had no time to jump the string, and bolt hit like a sledge hammer. Trigger is light, balance is incredible.

  16. Have you guys seen the Vertical Crossbow Yet. They are certainly something to see.

  17. JAY HATFIELD says:

    I just purchased a Barnett ghost 385. right out of the box it was a joke. first when I opened the box half the stuff was bounced around in the poorly packaged box. The limbs were laying in the bottom without any plastic wrap . One of 3 loose arrows scratched the limbs all up. Cosmetic yes but damn would you buy a Brand new car with a dent in it? . SO after putting together mounting scope looked odd like it was riding to high. So first shot at 10 yards buries in the dirt at the base of my bag. scared me , I looked down the Picatinny rail and I can see the scope is way off. I removed it replaced it and same thing. Moved it forward , backward but no matter where I put it I could not adjust the up/dn enough to get to work. Scope rail was wrong. Sent back and getting a replacement and Barnett a second chance . I have 2 other Xbows I put together out of box and never had an issue. Thinking of bagging the 385 and upgrading to the Razr.. It made the list and as biased as this list is,
    it made it with all the negative Barnett comments so must be better choice. As far as Mission the trigger thing will be hard to live down. I treestand hunt the Excaliber is too wide for me and bulky. 10Pt great quality but pricey and some very heavy. Parker is within driving distance from me however just not a fan..

  18. Hi guys, I am a RANGE and love to hunt, however, I want to bow hunt with family with a light wt., self cock, great scope, $ not problem, safety, wonderful long term fabulous cross bow HELP! GIVE ME ADVICE ON EASY AND BEST!

    • You didn’t read the post very carefully. #2. TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite

      “TenPoint just responded to a demand in the identified market that is a light crossbow that fast, narrow and short, and that’s what this crossbow answers for all those questions. For that speed, it’s very powerful for anybody.

      And with the light design and maneuverability, there is people maybe have wife or children with them when out hunting, this bow is gonna perfect for that situation. You can hunt with the bow because you’re main hunter of your family, but you can also have anybody of your family to hunt with this bow.”

    • Just bought the excalibur matrix 380 mad max awesome but you may want to buy the cocking device to make it easy for you

  19. Hunted with compound for 30 yrs, been very successful. Looking at my first crossbow and my archery shop is pushing the Stryker. Any comments on Stryker bows?

  20. Denny Gregory says:

    I will admit your coverage on this site is quite informative especially with the viewer feedback. This does give another slant on things which is good. My suggestion to you would be an actual video of the your testing procedures and shooting and handling of all the bows you rate. As for myself I am at the stage of pulling the trigger on a purchase of a new crossbow. I must say that I am in somewhat of a quandary. I am retired and on limited income but leaning toward the Ten Point Titan XTREME Package for the money and quality that I see in this bow. I am sure that there will always be someone that would disagree but that is to be expected nowadays. If money was of no consequence, after seeing a video clip, I would buy the new Scorpyd reverse limb crossbow. I was really impressed I must say. But no need to worry I cannot afford something like that so the wife and I will still be able to afford food for the table for now.

  21. Hi! I have never had an Xbow before but i really want the Intercept Axon. Is it a good bow for a beginner? I will be using it for hunting. Also, someone said there was a mount, bipod, and flashlight accessories i could get. Do you know where i could get those…I was thinking of a bipod?


  22. Ronnie wrught says:

    How does Koda bows rate? Thanks

  23. Like new Barnett ghost 360 only 5 months old with 4 arrows $400 bucks is it a good deal???

  24. well there a sale here and Carbon express and the store don’t even want it in is store due to the fact they break and can’t fix them in time .for 599.00 I though it would be nice put after I talk to the store owner I was turn off .

  25. Barnett has changed the actual Kinetic Energy of the Predator from its original record. Originally they said it shoots 133ft lbs, then when the new line of bows came out they said it shoots 125ft lbs. I assume they did this to make the Ghost 385 seem like it’s worth the extra cash since the Ghost 385 produces 132ft lbs of KE wile shooting 385FPS. I have the original box the Predator came in and it verifies the Predator does indeed shoot 133ft lbs @ 375FPS with a 15″ power stroke. I am really only writing this to you because I have asked Barnett about this numerous times. They first emailed me back and said “thank you for finding the mistake and the Predator does in fact shoot 133ft lbs of KE, we will make the correction the next time we update the web page.” They updated the website and neglected to change the Predators KE back to its original 133 KE rating and now simply will not even return any of my email requests to have the Predators true KE put back. I am always polite when I contact them but I think it comes down to marketing of the Ghost 385.

  26. Crossbows are better than vertical bows and my personal favorite is the Excalibur Axiom SMF as it has the highest rating on Amazon.

  27. we use our bows for tactical work on many situations around different game preserves in Africa I have had guys show up with everything that is made in the high end bow range. For quiet easy to pack and down right reliability with real speed I will put my Barnett 410CRT up against just about everything the price has come down on them but it was a 1000.00 bow when I bought it. I have used it in every wicked environment on the continent and at home in the U.S. In all types of weather and harsh conditions. We are not easy on our equipment, not at all. I am extremely happy with the investment and it doesn’t show any signs of giving up the ghost any time soon. By the way BOWTECH FRIGGN ROCKS!!!

  28. Wow there is a great big ten point advertisement at the bottom of the page !!! No wonder they were rated#1 in front of excalibur !!! Good going guys !

  29. Price aside.
    Which would you recommend, for home defends?
    We live in a row house.

    • 12 ga Pump shotgun. There’s a Mossberg pump @ Walmart for around $200 that’s perfect. If you have a smaller person in the house..a significant other that weighs less then 150 lbs and is smallish order the 20ga. Use Number 2 shot instead of buck shot. There’s only 9 pellets in the buckshot, 36 #2 and will ripe a major hole . You can miss with buck shot at close range. Get a big piece of cardboard. lay on it and use a marker and trace yourself. Now put it at 20 feet and take a shot. Much farther then that you’re in trouble with the law unless the bad dude has a gun. Shoot at 10-12′. If you have visitors or kids keep it in the closet EMPTY during the day. Unless you live in a BAD neighborhood..(MOVE) Make sure the rest of the adults in the house know how to use it. Mid size kids too but don’t leave it with shells in it. Kids demonstrating how to shoot will kill friends an you. A trigger key lock works also. Put he lock on if your going to get loaded also. I know people who handle weapons when they are loaded but they have had months of training on how to handle weapons when they are injured, sick or starving. You can not. You’ll kill some one or your self. No kids, No friends, No booze. Pistols and machine guns suck but the guys with small jewels think they can rule the world with their AR. The only thing that scarred the VietCong in nam was a 12ga shot gun, a B-52 and a bag of crap. There’s a place for the AR but in the home especial an apartment or housing development is not it.
      There’s a good chance you won’t kill your neighbor with a shotgun, An AR or pistol will send a bullet through several apartments. Be safe

    • Crossbow? For home defense? Certainly, there are better weapons for that purpose. A crossbow is primarily an offensive weapon, despite what’s portrayed on The Walking Dead. Look for a handgun or something like that. Self defense purposes, may be a circumstance where it is presumed that your assailant has a gun. It could be in low light, in close quarters, or where you have to use cover. You also can’t judge what your adrenaline will be doing to you, even if you think you can. Do yourself a favor, think firearm or guard dog. These are defensive weapons. Get training if needed.

  30. I’m going to buy a crossbow in October of 2015. I want one that will bring a deer down if needed but I really will be using it for target practice in my back yard. I have woods behind my house in NH and they are loaded with all sorts of Turkey, Racoon, deer and fox. I have hunted with both gun and long bow. I have never owned or shot a crossbow. Which crossbow is better Parker or Barnett? I know there are a lot of manufactures out there. Everyone at work says Excalibor or Barnett. I like the fact of all American made. I want to spend no more than $700. I want it VERY reliable. I like Parker because it is American made. So, as I said, “I want the best bow for the money.” Please help.

  31. You seem to know what your talking about with out bias. I have a group of older teenagers who are in the 1st stage of building our own cross bows. We have great automated tools and have cut out our stocks. We also have a good trigger mechanism. Where can we get the front ends?

  32. James Flanigan says:

    I have stryker 390 solution- shot no more than 75 times and stock cracked on front end forearm. Also have a friend that his has cracked.

    Anyone out there with similar issues?

  33. Joe Fowler says:

    I would advise everyone to avoid Excaliber bows from now on. I bought a new Matrix 380 Extra. Extremely dissapointed. This bow has ruined two hunts now. It will not even uncock as advertised at the end of a hunt. You still need to shoot an arrow into the ground.

  34. Vincent Corsale says:

    You’re not giving Parker enough credit. Like one gentleman said it has great safety features and it’s light weight, but I have to say it’s a very accurate and consistent. The last 11 deer I harvested, total yardage of recovery was less than 100 yards. That’s an average of 9 yards. What I’m trying to say is faster isn’t better dependability and arrow placement is the key. Dollar for dollar bow for a bow you really can not beat Parker bows for the money and the warranty and service.

  35. It seems pretty oubiovs to me now I have the 80lb bow and use to have the 50lb one , that the so called 80lb bow is only really 50lb. Like any rifle once the projectile has left the barrell or rail , it’s at max velocity, it’s speed is all down hill from that point.

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